Collector's Edition Slinky

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Everybody sing! "What falls down stairs and rolls out of chairs and makes a jingly sound?" No, it's not grandma. It's SLINKY! Everyone knows the Slinky song (the real one) because it is has been running continuously on television longer than any other commercial jingle (since 1962). To celebrate this simple, fun, and timeless toy, we're proudly offering the Collector's Edition Slinky to you, our friends.

Your Slinky will arrive in a simple cardboard box sporting the original package design. Not only that, but your Slinky will look just like it did when it was created in 1945 (dark metal - not silvery or plastic-y like you might remember). And keep in mind, a Slinky is not just a toy; it can be a great tool to show science stuff - like wave motion. So learn and play with Slinky. It's more than just a spring; it's a wonderful thing!

Box measures 3" x 3" x 2.5" - Slinky fits inside and can stretch much, much longer.

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