Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube

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A puzzle to reflect on

In the future, everyone will only wear silver foil suits with big shoulder pads. We'll all have jobs with the word "space" in front of it (Space Accountant, Space Librarian, etc) and everything will be done with holograms. And in the future, Rubik's Cubes will also be shiny and silver. We tried to suck some from the future (using our ChronoSpatial Vaccuumatron), but something went wrong. We got the cubes, but they are a little . . . well, different.

Actually, they are exactly as they should be: silver and weird. While it functions just like a regular Rubik's Cube, the Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube has different sized blocks - which means it gets very distorted very fast. Instead of puzzling out simple colors, you'll be trying to fight with geometric space, which is great fun. What is also great fun is seeing the look on the faces of others as they fiddle with your cube. Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube - the future is here.

Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube
  • Works just like a regular Rubik's cube, but with different sized (and same colored) cubes, it gets really funky looking really fast.
  • Includes: cube and stand
  • Dimensions: 2.25" cubed (duh)
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