DIY Music Box Kit

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Time to Tinkle!

Music boxes came to prominence in the 19th Century, but their history dates back a few hundred more years. You see, there was this bell ringing dude who got tired of all the hard work. So, he decided to engineer a device to make his life a little more hip. It was a cylinder with metal studs. Each stud (as the cylinder rotated) operated cams which rang the bells. Further research determined that the first song played on this new system was the theme to Super Mario Brothers!

And so that's the first song we made when we got our hands on this awesome little kit (albeit with one note wrong to adjust the key). This music box kit is a bit more open source, though. There are no pins, but a strip of paper, which you punch yourself. That's right, you punch all your own songs! No more listening to "Memory" - it's time for Koji Kondo's greatest hits (the genius behind many of Mario's and Link's most memorable themes). We'd love to chat more, but it's time for us to compose a lullaby for Princess Peach.

Click here to download a PDF blueprint of the Super Mario Brothers theme. 'Cause sharing is caring.

  • Music Box Kit
    - Contents: Music Box Thing (2 octaves, key of C), Hole Punch, "Happy Birthday" Pre-Punched Strip, 3 Blank Strips, and Instructions.
    - Each strip is approx. 1.75" x 18.75" - and 80lb paper (in case you want to make your own strips!)
  • Refill Pack
    - 5 blank strips (approx. 1.75" x 18.75" - and 80lb paper).
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